About Us

We at Eurosis utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver high-level consulation services in the fields of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Administration Management (BAM). Our extensive services include, but are not limited to: information technology (IT), engineering and management. Additionally, we provide commercial representation services. As such we are able to offer a complete company management package. Extremely proud of the excellent reputation we have built with clients over the years, we are thrilled to add an expertize in franchising and project implementation for businesses that specialize in renewable energy sources to our knowledge base. Furthermore, the recent expansion of our operations into the IT sector, through our approach — providing services from web design, data management, to consulting—allows us to deliver the highest-quality IT services to our clients.


Management Consulting

Here at Eurosis we believe that the success of any company is directly related to the efficiency of its management. Therefore, the assistance we provide to our clients is focused upon creating a transparent, coordinated, and effective management system. As such, our team works hard to identify the current management structure and to diagnose the right solutions for optimization of the company’s business processes. The priority is then to develop an effective management structure through proper analysis of our findings and recommendations for the restructuring of management based upon those findings. Additionally, as numerous investment decisions are made in the process of management, Eurosis meticulously ensures an accurate assessment of those decisions, and that they comply with all legal requirements.

IT Solutions and Consulting

Through our IT division we are able to provide a full range of professional IT services that include custom websites, e-commerce, graphic design, and online marketing. Furthermore, we offer a range of consulation services and modules, which include: Envionmental Health and Safety Management (EHSM), Management of Change (MOC), and specializations in SAP, BOPF, FPM, FBI, and Web Dynpro. In addition, our specialization in internet security—including the analysis and definition of relevant requirements—and in web hosting services—including shared hosting plans as well as dedicated servers—allows Eurosis to offer a broad and reliable range of IT solutions and consultation options to businesses.

Renewable Energy Solutions and Consulting

Not only does Eurosis develop sustainable and integrated renewable energy solutions, but it also constantly monitors the latest developments in green technology. Furthermore, having an experience of completed renewable energy projects, which includes full-service, life-cycle experience in planning and design of PV-panel and wind renewable energy plants, Eurosis is able to deliver a high-level of expertize on such projects. Implementing a rigorous analysis of the project’s requirements, we are able to develop an in-depth financial model to ensure best possible return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, our trusted business partner network with manufacturers and distributors of PV-panel and wind turbines lends us the power to find the ideal balance between highest possible quality and price, which—in turn—ensures that companies can make the smartest total investment for their budget.

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